How to Safely Ship Liquid Semen: Can Unsafe Semen Shippers Cause Genetic Abnormalities to the Child?
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How to Safely Ship Liquid Semen: Can Unsafe Semen Shippers Cause Genetic Abnormalities to the Child?

From: The Male Infertility Experts at
ZDL, Inc. and The Andrology Institute of America

The correct shipment method for fresh sperm/semen samples is critical to the survival of the samples that are to be shipped for reproductive purposes. The shipping process is similar to that of storage of liquid semen via refrigeration that our team developed almost 30 years ago after proper dilution and the utilization of the Test yolk buffer, otherwise known as TYB along with the proper slow cooling process (whole concept developed by Professor Zavos, Director and Chief of Andrology at the Andrology Institute of America). The TYB which Professor Zavos was instrumental in refining and employing the whole concept, has various qualities that safeguard the sperm during this process among which, it insulates and buffers which prevents injury to the sperm during the dilution and cooling down to refrigeration temperatures.  It also provides nutrition to the sperm to preserve its metabolism during this stresful procedure.  When the sperm is diluted in TYB and cooled slowly to about 5 degrees Centigrades, the sperm goes into "hybernation" and its metabolism slows down by 95%.  This is the process that enables the sperm to survive and maintains its cellular integrity but most importantly keep its ability to fertilize naturally and normally without causing any damage to the sperm and its contents that are responsible for a "normal" fertilization and subsequent non-problematic pregnancy.

Having developed those concepts in the Laboratory almost 30 years ago, we set out to develop similar concepts but this time having to do with the mode of transporting the semen from location A to location B with similar success.  The Biotranz is the safest and most efficient semen shipper in the market today.  The shipper is the first one developed for human use and has been tested and studied in order to ensure the most efficient transportation success for the end user in mind.  At the Andrology Institute of America, we set as our goals to serve the Global infertility community with the atmost efficiency and putting them first before we set out to benefit from our inventions and products.  As the Biotranz was being developed and tested, we published the results of our findings in peer reviewed journals in order to show the public the level of comitment that we make at our facilities.  Unfortunately, like in any other industry, when a concept begins to become lucrative, a great number of untested imitations begin to appear and begin to misuse the concept to gain monetarily.  We are convinced that none of the semen or sperm shippers that are available other than the Biotranz have been tested or properly evaluated to show their efficiency and appropriateness for what they are marketed for.  Unfortunately, those marketing agents are out in the public trying to gain monetarily but misleading the public with mistatements and misconceptions.  Some of those products are even marketed as animal semen shippers for human use which concept is grossly abused when attempting to equate human semen with any other animal species semen, which is not.  Imagine for a moment that any damage to human sperm, structural or genetic can yield lower conception rates to the mother or any increase in the incidence of genetic abnormalities to the child , then such development would be devastating to the parents.  It is therefore our advise that if such semen or sperm shippers are not properly developed and tested should not be made available for marketing to people for human use because "life is precious and we should pass it on", according to Dr. Zavos, but we should do it in a responsible and very serious manner. Taking risks with human life has never entered our mind and we put that concept as number one in anything that we do at ZDL and the Andrology Institute of America.  Other semen shipper distributors, don’t!!

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